Professionalism and competence


Coreluso since its foundation has been dedicated to the development of bespoke applications. The way it works, the professionalism and competence of its professionals, allow Coreluso to deliver innovative and high value added solutions in this large market.

Coreluso puts at your disposal all its experience and knowledge in developing solutions for this area of ​​activity, in collaboration with its partners and with solutions across its entire organization, from DMS, BPM among others.


Coreluso in collaboration with the public sector has already implemented some important systems, to the benefit of the sector and the citizen.

With the current economic situation, big changes are and necessarily will be made, and so we are committed to bringing innovative solutions at the best price, putting the latest technologies at your disposal, tracking and supporting those changes.

We have at your disposal a wide range of products and services, namely BackOffice, Citizen Relations FrontOffice, DMS, BPM, Image Treatment and OCR solutions.